Locking Main Page but not buttons


I have a view of Tasks that is locked and only buttons are accessible.
I have two Buttons 1 for “Add Task” and 1 for "Modify Task.
I do not want the user to modify the Task on the Table.

When the Buttons are used it inherits the locking security from the page and the button page is also locked and uneditable. I want the user to be able to edit the button page.

How do i get this to work ?


Hey Jose!

For the first question, are you able to add a disable formula and reference User()? You can disable a button for others with this formula.

As for your second question, I’m not sure if I’m following along with the first part. Do you want others to be able to edit the button page? If so, could you remove doc locking for this page?

one workaround i use is to only show read-only versions of column data on the page, and then use the actual cells in the dialog.

to make a read-only column, you use a formula that just shows the value of the column you want to display.
formula columns cant be edited in the table view.

so now you set the lock on the page to allow columns to be edited.
the user still cant modify the formula columns.
but when the click the Add Task or Modify Task buttons, the pop-up dialog will use the editable original columns in its layout.

its a bit of work, but gives the ux you are looking for.