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Hi all,

I published a form for users where they can submit some data but i noticed that they can access to the form layout and play with it (hide and show columns), i am in a team plan and the form page is locked + hidden.

is there any way to prevent users from editing the form layout and columns ?


Hey there!

Im guessing that you have the “Require Login” function toggled to on - and those same users who are accessing your form are shared on the document itself.

I would publish your form as an external link and do not turn on “Require Login”

You can still record who is submitting form by creating a required name column that is formatted as a people column and then toggle on the “Include People” option. Then your users can select themselves!

Let me know if that works for you!

I’d like some clarity on this.

My Scenario - I have a document that is used for upvoting (prioritising ideas). My document is open so that anyone with the link can edit (my contributors will be a bunch of unknown people).

It has a form so that people can submit more line items (embedded on a different site).

I use document locking so that users can only click the ‘vote’ button in my table within one of the pages in the doc. This works well, however, the Form itself can still be edited as the original poster stated (edit form in the top banner). I suspect this i inherited from the global sharing permissions.

Is there a better way to do this so that people cannot edit the form (regardless of whether they are signed in or not)? …like document locking…without having to specifically add users to the sharing permissions?

Rather than publishing the form, could you just display the table as a form on the canvas like this?

If your document itself is locked with the right permissions (see below), you should be able to skip the whole embedding piece, and just have two tables on your page:

  1. Table with reaction/voting buttons
  2. Table viewed as form in order to submit new items


I had a go at that initially, but the issue was that the entry would be added as soon as one field is entered. I notice you have a submit button on yours…how did you achieve that (I’m new to Coda)? That may be the solution I need.

The other workaround I had was to iframe the form, with a margin top of style=“margin-top: -80px;” which would in essence hide the edit bar…but that’s not ideal for a number of reasons.

Nevermind…figured the submit bit out (use a From view - duh!). I’ll go down that path and see where it leads me. Thanks!

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Form view for the win!

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