Add a condition to Update Values in a Duplicate Rows action

Is there a way to add a condition the Update Values part of an add rows action? Ie only update the value if the value is currently blank.

What complicates this goal is that the button the triggers the action is in Table A and the rows that are being duplicated is in Table B. I can’t figure out how to tell it to look in Table B and check if the current value of the row to be duplicated is currently blank.

If the duplicated rows were treated like “new rows” and got the new row default values that would work as well

you can use forEach() or formulaMap() to check row by row whether it is empty in table B.
or u can use Filter()

Example ForEach :

RunActions(ModifyRows() // btn_action // … ),
False() // or action if is blank → deleteRow , modifyRows , …

Example formulaMap() and SwitchIf :

ModifyRows(CurrentValue, test, “is Blank”),
[Début] < Today(),
ModifyRows(CurrentValue, test, “test”),
[Début] >= Today(),
ModifyRows(CurrentValue, test, “test+1”)


RunAction( table_b.filter(name.isNotBlank()).btn_duplicate )
RunAction( table_b.filter(name.isBlank()).btn_delete)

etc …

It is possible to use several actions : RunAction ( Action_1 , Action_2 , …)

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