Add a placeholder in rich text?


I am looking for a nice way to substitute words in rich text based on the context.

Let’s say I have a table that is providing the following text:

“I like to eat [fruit] all day”

I want to replace [fruit] with a contextual word.

In my source text, how do I tell it to “expect a word at this place”


Hi @espresso,

while typing rich text, use @ to refer the record you want to use as a contextual record OR you can type = to create a formula

Thank you.


Hi, thanks for replying.
so the thing is, I am trying to combine data from two different tables… Do you have any examples of this?
Basically on the 2nd table with the [fruit] I have a button that will be building the text based on the field in the table with the button.


@espresso - Take a look at this template - - it does something very much like what you are trying to do.

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