Add a row in table when 2 conditions are satisfied

I have a lookup table, in which, i only want to add those rows, whose 2 conditions are satisfied.

I wanna add those rows of the table, which are there in “related project” and their “invoice column” is empty.

Ex:- Items.Filter([Related Project].Contains(thisRow)) & “invoice column = empty”

Please help me with this formula!

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Can I ask, are you doing this via automations?

… && InvoiceColumn.isblank()
Something like that.

If you share a dummy doc it is a lot easier to help you.

I am trying to use a formula to do this.

Can you please assist me in this?

@Chief_Buildr ,
You are not using the proper CFL syntax.
In your example, you are using a single “&”, which should be “&&” or “AND”.
The “= empty” should most likely be “.isblank()”, or something like “invoice>0 OR invoice<0”
Like I said before, it is easier to help you if you share a dummy doc.
Greetings, Joost