Filter row once two columns are filled in

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out a way to filter a table once I have two columns filled in. I can filter it if one or the other contains something, however, I cannot for the life of me find a way to filter it only when both are filled in!

I can do it with the filter on top of the table - and I want it to have the functionality by default so that when new items get added to the table they are automatically added to this particular view. Then, once they have that information it gets filtered out. I’ve been messing with AND and OR combinations for the past hour or so and just can’t figure out what I’m trying to do.

Thanks for your help.

In the below example for a filter I tried [Column 2].isBlank() AND [Column 3].isBlank() thinking that both will have to be true for it to be true and filter out… but it filters out once one of them is filled in.


so basically for clarity let’s say that I want to filter a table once column one and column two BOTH have something in them… I can only get it to filter once one or the other have something in them…

For the sake of exercise, I was able to get the filter to work with an OR instead of AND. I honestly don’t understand why that works, if someone would care to explain I’d be very grateful.

Now to add a bit to the puzzle: I would like to immediately filter out things that are checked off as “done” in the table below:

if they are not done, I would then like to filter them out once the two columns are filled in… so this is a either filtered simply by clicking done OR by having the two columns filled in.

any and all help is greatly appreciated! thank you!

thisRow.[Column 2].IsBlank(),
thisRow.[Column 3].IsBlank()

So, if EITHER of the columns is not blank, the result is true. The filter works in a positive way (not negative) so a row will show IF the result is true.
Therefore, if either of the columns is blank, show the row, otherwise hide it.

Thanks for this - any thoughts on the other question above… if there is a check and I want it to filter out immediately if the box is checked… and then if it isn’t check when the two columns are filled in?


I have gotten it to work… but I’ve made this doc to demonstrate what I’m trying to do… it seems that the and/or functionality is backwards in this situation - would still appreciate an explanation of why it works the way that it does.

thisRow.Checkbox, False,
thisRow.[Column 2].IsBlank(), True,
thisRow.[Column 3].IsBlank(), True

/* If the checkbox is clicked, then return False (Hide)
If column 2 is blank(), then return True (Show)
If column 3 is blank(), then return True (Show)

This could definitely be optimised, but I prefer the readability in a tutorial setting.
I also tend to agree that the filtering is a little misleading. It’s not filtering OUT items, but filtering them IN.

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