Filtering using OR logic?

Pretty simple question but struggling to find any conversations around this already, so figured I’d ask.

I’m trying to filter a table on a column which can have five values (A, B, C, D, E), and I want to return all rows which are either “A” or “E”.

I know I can use AND in table filters, so I could simply do !Value “B” AND “C” AND “D”, but I predict more values will be added to that column in the future. Rather than having to constantly update my filter, I know I’ll only ever want “A” and “E”, so is there any way to do OR logic?

PS I’ve tried OR and || in the same way that AND and && work without success


It sounds like you’ve already tried this, but since you didn’t post code that wasn’t clear. Either of these should work, I would think:

OR([column]="A", [column]="B")

[column]="A" OR [column]="B"


Hi @Murray_Adcock - Or should work just fine here. Here is a quick sample I tried -

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Wow, thanks for the rapid response to both of you, @Ander and @mallika!

I tried Ander’s code, the second of which is exactly what I had that kept throwing an error, and it worked (both ways). I must have had some syntax error I was missing :man_facepalming:

Thanks again, all working now :slight_smile: