Lookup from Two Tables into Single Column?

Does anyone know how to lookup two columns, from two separate tables, and join them with a filter?

I tried my hand at an “if” statement with “or”, but I’m still wrapping my head around formulas. My sample table is here:

The formula I tried is:
if(thisRow.[Employee Assignment]orthisRow.[Client Assignment]).IsBlank(),“Available”,“Checked Out”

edit: and I know this would be easier with a single table, but in my personal doc, I have a significantly greater amount of (differing) information for both employees and clients. The only “shared” link is both sets of users having equipment loaned to them.


There’s probably a coffee for you somewhere in all this help you’re giving me :blush:

Seriously, thank you so much! “and” makes so much more sense than “or”.

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You are welcome! I know how hard it can be to get the hang of things, sometimes we say OR in our conversation and in programming it has to be AND), and vice versa. Sometimes I get so confused that find a working solution by just trying one after another.

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