Lookup data based on two columns

i want to get data from two table that match two columns not one column

for the following i want to get data from another table that match column project and column set items in two tables
what i get from filter function that data match one column (set items) and neglect column (projects)

this is the screen shot for another table

Hi @Mohamed_Elrefae and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m sorry but I’m not sure to understand what you’re trying to do :innocent:

Could you please share a screenshot of the problematic filter formula you tried ? :blush:
(Or, if you can, share an anonymised sample doc reproducing your current setup and problematic part of it)

This might help us help you :blush:

please find the screen shot from my screen

tell me how to share sample doc

i modified the formula but also not working

Hi @Mohamed_Elrefae :blush:

For sharing a doc, you’ll find the instructions here :blush:

As for your issue, I tried to reproduce your setup as best as I could and I think something like this should work :

So, like in your formula, we take the table Progress and we ask Filter() to look for the rows where the value in your look up field [Set Items] contains thisRow.[Set Items] AND the value in your look up field Project contains thisRow.Project
And this should return in your Progress look up the appropriate row :blush:

The thing here (from what I can see from your screenshots) is that you seem to compare a text value to a row … which simply can’t work :blush: . In the formula I shared above I compare a row to another row …

I’m not sure if the sample you’ll find below reproduce 100% of how your doc works but don’t hesitate to take a look :blush:

i tried but not working

this link to my coda doc

Thanks for sharing @Mohamed_Elrefae :raised_hands: !

I seem to have corrected the formula … Well, at least, it doesn’t throw an error anymore :blush: !
Due to the language barrier though, I just can’t confirm the results are the right ones :blush:

I just modified the formula in the doc you shared @Mohamed_Elrefae :innocent:

Sorry, I didn’t see I could modify it earlier :blush:

Thank you for your Attention
i tried to get data from another table but not working
can you help me to get data from more than one table to a table

In a lookup field, you can only get the data from the concerned table :blush:

So, in your Progress lookup in your Set table, you can only get rows from your table Progress (where Set Items contains thisRow.[Set Items] AND Project contains thisRow.[Project])
Same goes for your view Inventory Transactions :blush:

All I could do was to add a new lookup field from your table Inn Items to the Set table

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