Add counting button

Hi there,
I am stuck with a button formula. I have a plus1 button that should increase the count by one in a column on the current date every time I hit it. It worked fine if with the first row - but now with the second row it seems to give me a matrix (all values) and then the output into the cell does not work. Also, the column type changes to text when it was numbers before.

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? What am I missing?

Hi there @Marlin_Watling and Welcome to the Community :tada: !

I’m not sure I understood correctly what you were trying to do here :blush: but is that what you were looking for ? :thinking:

Oh and would mind editing your post and change the category of your topic from Misc. to Ask the Community :innocent:
(Otherwise it might get lost if it stays here :innocent:)

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Could I get the name of the program you’re using to take screenshots? It looks great!

It’s just the OS integrated screenshot tool :blush:

I’ll stick with lightshot then, thanks! ^^

@Pch - thank you, that works. Great help!

You’re welcome :blush: !