How to increase counter in a cell if button pressed (using automation)

Hi experts!

Help me please, i’m stuck with a formula that will increase a counter +1 in every cell in a column when time based automation is triggered.


Button = email to send
Counter = 0 (+1 on every button pressed or on every button pressed / automation triggered)

Hi @anon45109858 and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m sorry but what are you trying to do exactly ? :innocent: … Having the button update the count in its row once its action is performed ?

For this you could use in the Action formula of the button something like :

RunActions (
  [Action 1 goes here],
  thisRow.ModifyRows(thisRow.Count, thisRowCount + 1)

If this not what you were trying to do, could you give some more details ? :innocent:

Hi @Pch!

I’m trying to add counter for the button pressed (automation triggered)

My button sends an email (gmail pack)
– Is it possible to add an additional action here?

Button formula is:


ModifyRows(thisRow, [NPS COMPANIES].RESULT, Gmail::SendEmail([User's private Gmail account], thisRow.EMAIL, [NPS Template].SUBJECT, format(SURVEY.BODY,thisRow.[FULL NAME],Hyperlink([Form link]+"?Company="+thisRow.COMPANY+"&"+"Email="+thisRow.EMAIL,"[Click here]")), hideSignature: TRUE()))

Is there a way to add your formula to the button with the action?

I’m sorry, I’m currently not in front of my computer but you’re almost there…

You just need to wrap both modifyRows() in a RunActions() and add a comma just after your 1st modifyRows()

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