Automatically Press Button (Not Time Based)


So I’m aware that currently automations don’t trigger based on formulae:

How do automations work with formulaic columns?

Currently, the modified row trigger can only work with columns that are manually updated (via direct edits, button-generated edits or API edits). They do not work on value changes in formula based columns that are manually updated rather than columns that are populated by formulas. Stay tuned for updates!

But I’m not sure if there’s another way to automatically “press” a button? I’m trying to schedule content posts to various channels and this is the last step that I need to be able to completely move all social media posting out of services like Buffer and into Coda, but it’s leaving me stumped!

EDIT: One possible solution is if you can use Action Formula within a table cell, but it’s unclear from the docs whether this is possible?

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Hi @Murray_Adcock,

What is the trigger for pressing the button - If you dont want it time-based, do you want someone to open the document and press the button manually? Buttons do allow you to press other buttons in the doc.

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Hi Krunal,

No, sorry, this needs to be completely automatic; I’m aware that I can “chain” buttons (super useful feature!) but I want the button to trigger when certain criteria are met.

In this particular instance, I have a Datetime column, a “Now()” column, and a checkbox column. The checkbox automatically ticks when the Datetime column enters the “past” i.e. becomes older than the Now() column. But what I actually need is for that action to trigger a button instead of checking a checkbox. It will then ping a webhook I have setup with some information from a couple of other columns and post to social media.

Hope that makes some more sense :slight_smile:

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I would like the exact same behavior for the same purpose :grin:

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@Murray_Adcock, @tomavatars If there’s no way to do it natively, would it be feasible to have a checkbox that is either checked or not for ‘in past’ and one that is checked or not for ‘action performed’, and then on an interval (ie: time based trigger), push all the buttons where ‘in past’ is ticked and ‘action performed’ is not?

I believe Coda supports running automation triggers once an hour, would this be granular enough for you, or is it critical that the action happens immediately at a specified time (rather than just within an hour of it)?



Unfortunately, immediacy is a requirement. As this is for posting to social media, an hour delay is far too high; I’m moving away from Zapier because a 15 minute delay is currently causing us issues! It needs to happen at the same instant.