Add function to remove duplicates to formular

Hi community,

i have this formula. Its combining all cells of a column. How do i need to modify it, so it does remove all duplicates as well?

Concatenate(FormulaMap(Connector.ContactTags, CurrentValue.ToText() + "; "), β€œβ€)

Thx alot.

Hey there :slight_smile:
Probably just add .Unique() to Connector.ContactTags

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Thx Rick. I still cant’ make it to work- i am very new with coda. Can you write the whole formula?

Oh alright, welcome to Coda!

I was thinking like this :slight_smile:

Concatenate(FormulaMap(Connector.ContactTags.Unique(), CurrentValue.ToText() + "; "), "")

You can also probably make the formula cleaner, like this

Connector.ContactTags.Unique().Join("; ")
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@Rickard_Abraham It’s strange. Everything what ChatGPT gave me and both of your formulas don’t create a error, but the word count stays always the same…


unique(split(Concatenate(FormulaMap(Connector.[Your Column], CurrentValue.ToText() + β€œ; β€œ), β€œβ€),”;”))

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