Unique Values from Comma Separated Text

Hello Codans,

How can I get a unique table of Original Names that will always update & sync both ways?

I am no Coda expert and still trying to learn my way in. From my research in this great community, I have found that the best way to achieve this is by using Buttons. But no matter what logic I apply to the formula I can’t get it right. Maybe I am wrong in using Buttons approach for this requirement. I thought about using LookUp but I think it will not work because Original Names Table is auto-generated by a Coda Pack and is always updating and each row can have multiple values. Again, I might be wrong.

I have written a button formula to do that but unfortunately, it’s not behaving as expected. The bottom will work correctly only the first time only. If I populate the Unique Names Table for the first time, all text values (Names) will be created as expected, one row for each name. However, If I add a name after doing the initial run, all names will be populated again along with the new name creating duplicates.

Also, is there a way of making the Unique Names Table updates the Original Names Table whenever a modification is detected on the Name column? So, if I update (Text 1) in the Unique Names Table it will update ALL (Text 1) in Original Names Table.


Hello @Sultan ,

In your form linked to the button, there was already a concern about the parenthesis and there is missing information to complete it.

I recommend you to write your formula step by step and check the result before adding additional actions, often when I struggle that’s how I unblock a situation ^^.

But I see that you already have a more advanced level than mine ^^.



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