Find and mark duplicates automatically

How to do that :

have a look here @Isebar_DE :slight_smile:

Cheers, Christiaan

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you can do it with this formula for example:

thisTable.filter(currentValue.Name == Name).find(thisRow).count() > 1
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Hi. Thx for the answer. Is there a error in the fomula or did i not do something?

Hi Christian.
Thx for the answer but this is way to complicated for me. :sweat_smile:
Still very much a beginner with coda.

hi @Isebar_DE , I am sorry to hear that, the blog intents to show a fundamental principle you can apply in various contexts.

it is the same logic as developed by @Math_24 , but he writes a kind of Javascript inside Coda (using == for example, which may be confusing when you are not familiar with JS).

He will respond to you and I guess he suggest to replace with thisRow

Cheers, Christiaan

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@Christiaan_Huizer , @Math_24

Like this?

hi @Isebar_DE ,

in two steps:


this one output a number in third column.

The next step is to put a function behind the checkbox:

enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan


Yes, the problem is that you’re probably comparing him to himself. == name (currentValue) but need name thisrow.

More details :
thisTable.filter(currentValue.Name == thisRow.Name ).find(thisRow).count() > 1

or like @Christiaan_Huizer proposal, which works very well

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@Christiaan_Huizer @Math_24 solved. Thanks alot guys.

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