Why is .Unique() not working here?

Hi again Coda fam!

I’m pulling all the times a row is mentioned in another table. I’d like to have only one mention per find, however. Unique() seemed like the solution. It works with normal lists, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that this comes from a lookup formula.

Any way to make this work? Thanks guys!

That’s because Where found is a list of rows, and every row is unique, even if they have the same display title.

If you don’t actually need the row references, you could try [Where found].[<Display column>].Unique().

If you absolutely need the references, it can get pretty complex.


Thanks for the reply. I don’t quite get what you mean by []. It doesn’t seem to be a formula. I don’t need references, just need to know in which “group” each row appears…

Despite creating more questions than answers (as in, I still have much more to learn), you’ve effectively answered the original thread topic—why isn’t it working. So thanks for that! I’ve marked it as the solution, but feel free to reply to my other query if you have a minute…

The brackets are used to reference another object (table, column etc)… they appear when you copy a formula from/to Coda.

In this case I wrote <Display column> as a placeholder, you need to change it to whatever column name you use (the group name). If that still doesn’t work, please share the doc so I can take a look.

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That actually did the trick! Thank you @Dalmo_Mendonca

[Where found].[Display column].Unique()

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