How to get Lookup columns to display only unique values?

I know it can be done for Select Lists, but is it possible for Lookup columns? I would like to use the filtering options in the Lookup options so would prefer to use it as a lookup.

Hi @yscias

I set something like this once, but i’m sure there is some more elegant way to proceed.

In the table you want to refer with lookup, I created a “LikeMe” check with Rank. You will get different value, what’s interesting is that each brand get a unique “1” once

Then use custom filter in lookup option in your main table, and filter by LikeMe=1

And then it does the job… but interested for better answer !

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This is an interesting solution. Thanks! Just wondering though, why doesnt the unique() formula work in the filter?

Hi @yscias ! Happy this helped !
I assume Unique() is not a way to use in custom filter for lookups, but maybe I’m wrong. I did not figure out how to syntax it directly. Maybe more experienced coda expert than me would enlight this :wink:

Anyway, I think this solution is not that complicated and works quite great !



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