How to filter Lookup options to omit duplicates

When I use a lookup from a table that has grouped items, I often only want to select one of the many duplicate names in that table. How do I filter the Lookup options so that only one unique option shows up.

I have already tried Item settings -> Filters like:
[Target Table].Unique()
[Target Table].Filter([Target Table].Name.Unique().FormulaMap(RowId(CurrentValue)).Contains(CurrentValue.Name.RowId()))

None of those work


Sounds like a schema problem, but without seeing a dummy doc, it’s tough to say.

Here’s one possible approach:


Clever! Thank you. Is there any way to do the same thing directly in a single item filter formula?

There’s probably a way. Whether it would be worth the overhead or not is another question.:sunglasses:

Tough to add much more without understanding a specific use case.

No problem, thank you for your help.

The essential usecase is a way to build out packages containing multiple components. I want to be able to select the packages and then order all the internal components (without having to select the components individually). Does that make sense?

Sounds like a schema issue. If you want to mock up a dummy doc with the same structure, or share something offline, I’ll take a look for you.

Happy to share the real thing, it’s all dummy data anyway. I’ll private message it

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Hmm, won’t let me message you privately. It says your public profile is hidden. What’s your coda email address?

@Ander, thank you so much for your help! For those wondering, the solution in this case was to normalize the data.

@Ander Maybe you can make a quick How To post on what normalization is and how it works.