Issue: Filter in item settings for Lookup column


I’m building a matchmaking app in a Coda doc. I’ve already matched/introduced a couple people together. For the second round I want to avoid introducing the same people again.

  • Past introductions stand in columns [Select intro 1] and [Validated intro 1]
  • New introduction stand in columns [Select intro 2] and [Validated intro 2]
  • In column [Select intro 1] I’ve included the following filter in item settings: not([Validated intro 1]). It does the job of avoiding matching the same person more than once in the same round. Works fine.
  • For the second round tho, in column [Select intro 2] I’ve included 2 filters:
  1. not([Validated intro 2]) to avoid matching the same person more than once in the same round. Works fine.
  2. not(thisRow.[Validated intro 1]) to avoid matching a person from a past match. Does not work.

For instance in the table below, in [Selected intro 2] I want to avoid that Youssoupha appears in the dropdown menu to be matched with Michael Jackson.

Any idea how should I fix this?

Here’s the doc:

Hi Jeremy,

I’ve encountered a similar bug this week where if I apply one filter on the lookup it works. If I apply one sort int he lookup, it works and if I try to apply both at the same time, it doesn’t.
This was logged this as a bug and it seems your issue is related.

@Zack_Aman : It wouldn’t be to have a filter and a sort at the same time but trying to apply 2 conditions to the lookup that is causing the issue ?


Hi @Eric_Munier,
Thanks for your reply. That would be one explanation indeed.
The other potential explanation would be: not(thisRow.[Validated intro 1]) is not well articulated.

For anybody who might care, I’m posting the solution I’ve received from @Zack_Aman:

In the formulas you’re using for “Item Settings” I don’t think you want to use Not().

Not() works by negating a value. This is different from checking to see if a specific value is present.

I think what you actually want to be doing is to use both of the following as filter statements in the item settings for “Select Intro 2” (with the toggle in between set to “And”)

  1. CurrentValue != thisRow.[Validated intro 1]
  2. CurrentValue.[E-mail] != thisRow.[E-mail]

To explain:

#1 is saying “don’t let this person meet someone she has already met”
#2 is saying “don’t match this person to themselves”

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