Generate row values from unique values of another table

Hi Community!

I have just discovered Coda and I am trying to create a new table based on unique values of a specific column from another table.

I was able to filter this unique values with this formula:


But this formula includes all unique values obtained from the other table on the same row and I would like to create a new row for each one of them.

Anyone knows how can I accomplish that?

Thank you so much!

Welcome @Ruben_Digital :handshake:

Just to give you the right direction:

In case you need more support, just let us know. :grinning:

Thank you so much @Jean_Pierre_Traets for your quick response.

I have been reading that post but still not able to make it work.

I may not have explained myself clearly enoughin my first post, sorry about that. Let me try to clarify what I am trying to acomplish with some pictures:

I have a main table with all the data to be procesed. For example:


From that table, I want to auto-generate two more tables, like these:


I think that, once I have the tables (CARS & BIKES) autogenerated with row values for the first column (color) I will be able to populate the other columns using lookup querys for count & sum but is this firts step (auto populate first column depending on the unique colours) that is driving me crazy.

Thanks again for your help!

Does this example reflect what you are trying to do:

Hi Joseph, thank you for your reply!

I like your approach. Actually I think I am going to use it until I have another (automatic) way.

What I want to achieve is that the secondary tables (CARS&BIKES) are autogenerated with as many rows as unique values exist in the reference column of the main table.This unique values will be placed on the first coumn, and the other columns will be filled automatically using lookup formulas depending on this unique values placed on the first column.

Anyway, until then, I can use your approach so, thank you so much for your help!