Add multiple people as default to new table row

I would like to automatically add multiple people to a table when a new row is added.

I am setting the column Type as People and selecting the following options

Writing the formula for one person works as expected

However, I can not work out what the syntax would be to add multiple people in this cell. I have for example tried a number of operators without success:

Eg: Using the ADD command results in a boolen ‘true’

Using a , results in an error

I’ve tried a bunch of other operators, but am not sure if this is even possible.

I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer, thanks

Hi @Catherine_Rendell !

“AND” is a comparison operator, and cannot be used to specify multiple entries. And imagine if you would like to add 15 people automatically, that would be a mess !

To run through multiple data, you case use instead ForEach function.
In this very short example, I’ve got a people table and your Main table to auto add people in.

You’ve got to fill the option “Value for new row” with this ForEach loop that will get each people of your People Table


And if you want only “checked” people to be add, just filter your table in ForEach function !!!

I think that will help you ! Please find the shared doc below


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Just chiming in :innocent:, in case you don’t use a [People Table]

You can also simply use ListCombine() as a formula in the Value for new rows part of the People field :blush:
(This would add the concerned persons to the field while still leaving the field editable)

And it’ll work as formula for the whole field too :blush:


Thanks Quentin and Pch,

These are both great suggestions and solved my problem.

I ended up going with ListCombine() so as not to have to create another table, but that was just a personal preference.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.

Hey @Catherine_Rendell. Both solutions were great, as you said this is about personal preference. In my case, like I did with excel in my former life (:slight_smile: ), i’m trying to avoid as much as possible to put variables inside formula, and like to have external references. So that if I have to change it later, I’ve got mastertables, rather than having to go through every formula.

But as I said, only personal preference :wink:

Great expert advice thanks Quentin, I will keep it in mind.

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