Add new product using Stripe pack

I’m testing the Stripe pack by @Leandro_Zubrezki .
So far I like it a lot.
One thing I didn’t find is a way to add a new product in the product table?
Am I missing something? Is there a button for that?

Hi @Breno_Nunes !

I am glad to like the Pack :slight_smile:

There is no action at the moment to create a product, I implemented the most common scenarios and creating a product wasn’t on the list. Do you need to create products regularly? What’s the use case?


Hi, @Leandro_Zubrezki .
Thanks for the reply.
I own an antique shop and every single item is unique.
I always have to register a new item.
It would be great if I could do in a Doc

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Makes total sense, adding it to the roadmap!

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