Still struggling to set up Stripe so that I can charge for a pack

I have set up a link to a stripe account as Eric suggested below, but I still can not set a price for the pack.

Error Message:

Strip has been set up in my Workspace:

And I can drilldown to Stripe from my Workspace:

Can somebody please let me know what I am still missing?

Thank you very much

Most likely a glitch somewhere. Ping the support or someone from the Packs team (e.g. in the partners’ slack)

Support sent me to the community… :wink:

I’ll try our slack channel.


That’s so strange to hear it from so many people that they cannot reach a live person. It’s never been like that for me :man_shrugging: . Maybe you click the canned-response bubbles? I always just keep typing messages so that it puts a human on another end.

Also you could check if you’ve made the pack in the same workspace that you’re setting up your Stripe. If you hve multiple workspaces you could miss that. It’s virtually impossible to know in which workspace your pack is because it shows up at every :confused:

My first attempt the bot gave me a short answer, and shut the conversation down.

I then got a human, and he still said to try the community…

How can I check in which Workspace the pack was created? I only have two, my personal one, and the Coda Doctorate we did a while back.

I don’t think that I did the pack in that, but anything is possible.


Hi @Piet_Strydom - Unfortunately the workspace your Pack belongs to isn’t show in the UI, but Support can find it. I looked it up and I think your Pack is part of the wrong workspace, and it will need to be moved. I’ve added an internal note to your support ticket and they should be able to escalate it to someone that can move the Pack to the correct workspace.

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Ah the Doctorate workspace… the one all my and items get spawned into :frowning:

Hahaha so unfortunate.

How did that happen? I think I’m a part of 10+ workspaces but somehow my and still default to my personal workspace.

Wish I knew!! It is a recurring problem. I had thought that I took care to make sure I created the pack from inside my own workspace, because I frequently had problem with new doc getting created in the doctorate workspace. I’ll just blame it on long covid - convenient escape… :wink: