Stripe Pack under construction 🚧, beta access available! (Released)

Hi community!

Me again with a new Pack that I am building, in this case is a Stripe Pack that will allow you to sync products, subscriptions, customers, prices and more with your Coda doc.

It is currently in beta and I am giving access to a small set of users so they can try it out, report bugs, share feedback and give them the chance to ask for features :slight_smile:

If you want to be part of that small set of users, please let me know!


The Pack is now released in the Gallery for anyone to install and use it



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Hi Leandro, I’m interested in joining your beta if it’s not too late.

The main use case for me is the ability to monetise the app I have created (a self coaching app containing a bunch of self coaching exercises).

I currently use Stripe in a very manual way, invoicing customers for coaching sessions - so not sure if I meet your beta test requirements - but let me know if I can help


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Sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Quick update

You can now create, update and delete invoices with the Stripe Pack! It includes a range of actions to manage the full lifecycle of invoices in different ways:


You have a couple of options:

  1. Create line items first and then the invoice.
  2. Create line items at the same time of the invoice.
  3. Create line items after you created the invoice and while it is still in draft.

If you have feedback or a feature request don’t hesitate to reply :slight_smile:

Coda Packathon

I am participating in the Coda Packathon with the Stripe Pack with the name Stripe Printer Go Mrr! and today is the last day for votes :grimacing:

Would love to get your support if you have 2 seconds :pray:


I would love beta access and I am happy to provide constructive feedback

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@Cameron_Banowsky it is already published in the Gallery, go ahead and give it a go: Stripe Pack, extend Coda with Stripe | Coda

Let me know what you think :wink:


Heads up if you are using the Stripe Pack, I had to make some breaking changes to properly support the difference between invoice items, invoice line items and subscription items.

Let me know if you need any help with the changes!

Hey @Leandro_Zubrezki I want to use the pack to update a customer’s subscription based on data in my coda table. Which formula would I use to do this?

For example lets say if a user performs <50 actions per month they are a basic user and if they perform >50 they are professional.

In month one they are on the basic user subscription and perform 20 actions. In month two they perform 100 actions, as evident in my coda doc, how can I use that doc to now change their subscription from basic to professional?

Hi @Johg_Ananda,

It is currently not possible to update a subscription from the Pack but it is something that can be added, but it is quite complex the logic behind it.

I would recommend using Usage-based billing | Stripe Documentation instead, and I would be happy to add an action to report usage :slight_smile:, that way you can define the tiers and then just report the user actions.

Ah ok so what you’re saying is that I set up my basic as usage = 1 and pro as usage = 2 and then hold that value for each user in my coda table, and when the table logic suggests they move up to the pro tier, I increment that coda value and then have a pack action change the usage in stripe which would trigger the $$/mo to change? Essentially changing the subscription without changing it?

The downside would be if the user viewed the invoice page or whatever from Stripe instead of saying β€˜Pro’ or β€˜Basic’ product it would say Useage Product, Qty: 1 or 2

Am I Making sense?

Woah, I saw this and thought I had already commented and was like β€œDang past me, you’re quick.”

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Not exactly, what I am saying is that you will define different tiers in Stripe:

0 - 50 actions β†’ X price
50 - 1000 actions β†’ Y Price

Then every time a user performs an action you will log it to Stripe using an action, and the end of the billing period the user will be charged accordingly.

You can learn more in Recurring pricing models | Stripe Documentation, send me an email to with more details.

OK I think I got it. Do you have an action in the stripe pack that will allow me to update Stripe the number of user actions so I can do this?

Not but I can implement it tomorrow, will let you know by DM once done :wink:

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@Johg_Ananda it is now available in the Pack :raised_hands:

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@Leandro_Zubrezki amazing! CreateUsageRecord button. Excited to dive in

This is incredible, @Leandro_Zubrezki. Quick question: What are the chances that you might add the ability to create new coupons from Coda? I’d love to be able to build custom referral programs on Coda, and this would make it a snap.

No problem @TSStrickand1, it should be done tomorrow, will let you know here :slight_smile:

Have you checked the new Reports sync table? Let me know if there is a report currently not supported that you would like to have access to.

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Thanks so much, @Leandro_Zubrezki! You rock. Haven’t dug into the reports too much yet, but will do so and let you know!