Stripe Pack under construction 🚧, beta access available! (Released)

@TSStrickand1 you can now list your promotion codes, create coupons and promotion codes and also delete coupons.

Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions.


Incredible! Thank you sir!

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Hi @Leandro_Zubrezki :slight_smile:

Is there a way to create a payment intent for a physical/hardware reader?
It would be cool to have a button that from coda set up the card reader!

In the meantime thanks a lot for this pack! :grin:

Hi @Mario!

It is currently not available in the Pack but I can include it, what is the workflow you have in mind?
How does it work after you create the payment intent from Coda?

Thanks for the fast reply @Leandro_Zubrezki !
I have on a coda doc an entry manager for a music club, when a member of the club arrive during an event, my plan is to have an nfc membership card that once “scanned” will open the member page on coda, there with a button i can add the member to a “entered tonight” table, but it the member have to pay something the ladies at the entry have to manually enter the amount on the pos, and then pass it to the member etc, losing a lot of time!

If the pos was a stripe one, i would be able to sent an intent to it saying “this member have to pay this amount of cash” with a button!

The best part of using only stripe to manage payments would be that all payments will be linked to a member account! so i could know how much he payed etc!

Ideally in future i could set up an automatized gate that just open after the nfc scan if user have already payed online, and if not just autoconfigure the pos to accept card payment! Basically there would be no need for a person at the entry anymore! :heart_eyes:

So, after paying the best scenario would be to have the payment linked to the member profile, and from that point i would do other automation :)))

Does it makes sense? :grin:

Awesome it makes total sense, I will add it to the roadmap :wink:

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