Add other column value based on revision of document

Hi, I’m very new to CODA.

My idea is whenever a new document coming, a user can select what is the revision of the document and subsequently enter the WF no in the next column.

I wanted that whenever user set Document A is Rev 00 and enter the WF No, WF00 wil be updated according to the WF No and will be impact to Rev01 and WF01 and so forth.

Anyone could help to figure what is the formula required, tried to use SWITCHIF but it seems getting error circular reference.

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@Nik_Hasyimi_nick_hasyimi Hi, I think something like this may to some extent and at least for now meet your expectations but this is just a quick and dirty initial exploration of this problem. There’s so much more to the Coda, I love it man, seriously . At some point you’ll notice how much is possible, and sometimes it’s even mind-boggling.

The doc: Value based on revision



That’s good @Kris_Murawski. Actually I’m thinking of doing to separate table, one for new document register and another as the main database, exactly like you’ve shown.

May i know what’s the rule required for the push button and is there any formula required to link to table below?Or the Revision History is just a view from the Docs table itself?

@Nik_Hasyimi_nick_hasyimi There’s this doc I’ve attached above, everything is there, maybe you’ve missed it. Just open it and make your own local copy. It’s necessary. Only this way you’ll have access to all formulas which are not available in the view only mode.

If you have any other questions, needs or ideas just PM me, this way I learn the most of Coda so don’t hesitate. I’m pretty curious what you’re trying to build. Good luck!

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This is the v2 version of that doc with some new concepts inside, a bit more sophisticated one, I hope.

Hello Kris! Thanks for the solution, would you happen to still have the coda docs somewhere to study the formulas?

Hi @Kris_Murawski. I know it’s a long shot as this was posted quite some time ago, but I was curious if you still have this document available. I am working on a project that requires document revision tracking and was hoping to leverage some of the work you did here.