Control the formula in the coda column

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How can we control the formula in the column as it is always changing when something changes. I dont want to do that. Once the row is added, those formula columns should not be changed. Thanks in Advance for your help.


Hello @Elam_Jaybal ,

Could you show an example of your Coda page to better understand the problem. Explain us what changes and when you manipulate it.
If you don’t know how to do it, here is a link to help you (Sharing your doc | Coda Help Center)

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Hi Theirry,

Let me explain in detail.

I get opportunities data from salesforce and have it in a table called opportunities in Coda. I have an another table called activities and store all the opportunity activities in the activities table.

The opportunity stages will change frequently. Now I have the formula in activities table stage column to fetch it from opportunities table. When it changes, I don’t want to change the already created row and only newly adding row should change.

For example, the opportunity with Qualification stage is created in Activities table. Now the stage is changed to Needs Analysis. I need to create another row in Activities table through a button with the new stage. But with the formula, all the rows stage is changed to a new value for the opportunity.

I hope it makes sense.



If I followed correctly and I hope so :), it is a CopyToClipBoard button. However, I have not yet mastered this type of action but I am still looking for a solution on my side.

I added a column with buttons where it is possible to copy the line containing the note to paste in the new table but I’m not sure if it really helps :frowning:


Hi @Elam_Jaybal!
I’m sorry, it’s not super-clear your expectations and the actual behaviour, to me.

Having a concrete example of your implementation - as @Thierryvm pointed out - would really help to better dig into your issue.

Thank you!

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therr are 3 ways of setting a column value using a formula.

the 1st is to ‘add formula’ to a column from the dropdown menu on the column header.
this is the USUAL way we add formulas in coda.
it will recompute the value whenever any of its inputs change.
(from your original post, i think this is NOT what you want)

the 2nd way is to give a formula for all new rows for this column. this is found under the ‘options’ submenu from the column header menu.
this formula is ONLY computed once, when the row is added.
(from your post, i think this is what you DO want).

the 3rd way is to compute the value using a Button or Automation action.
this uses a ModifyRows() or AddRows() function.
the formula computes a value and stores it in the modified or added row…
it is only triggered when the user clicks the button,
or when the Automation is executed.
(this MIGHT be what you need, but i suspect not).



Hi Theirry and Federico,

Here is my opportunities table

and here is my activity table

And below is the screen shot of add activity button. Formula for the stage field is as follow,

[Opportunities History].Filter([Opportunity Name].Contains(thisRow.Opportunity.[Opportunity Name])).Sort(false, [Last Modified Date]).First().Stage

Whenever there is a change in the opportunity history , this should not change in activitites table. When I try to create new row using add activity button, the new stage should reflect in the new row and it should reflect in the already created rows.

Hi Xyzor,

Thank you so much for your response. Let me check the options. I think second option may save me.


Hi @Elam_Jaybal

Looks like you might need to set the sharing settings on your doc to ‘Anyone with the link can view’. We can’t see it at the moment.

In the meantime, I have taken a wild guess at what you might be trying to achieve. :laughing: Something like this?


Hi Tim,

I have given the access. Yes. This is absolutely what I want . When I add the opportunity in new activity, the latest activity should auto populate. Thanks for your help.


Hi Xyzor,

the second option too is changing the already added row. I hope you mean the below formula,

no @Elam_Jaybal - that is the 1st way to add a formula

the second way - to add a formula only to NEW records, is this option…

which then allows you to select this option…
where i have toggled the [f] button - to allow me to add a formula

THAT is the formula that only runs once, each time a new row is added



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