"Add page"/"Add subpage" actions in Zapier?

In my longheld dream of replacing Evernote with Coda, a key stumbling block is the lack of a web clipper. But I’ve just realized that I can use Evernote’s web clipper to get webpages into Coda via Zapier…but the lack of an “add page” or “add subpage” action in Zapier means the best I can do is build a list of bookmarks in a table.

An “add subpage” or “add page” action for Zapier would open the door to all kinds of other uses for Coda. I can imagine copying Google Docs into Coda or forwarding emails as full text or gosh, all kinds of other crazy stuff. I can see how this could become a high-volume situation for the API but it would be incredibly handy and quite possibly worth paying extra for! Would love to hear your thoughts plus any obstacles.

Yes, please add “add page” and “add subpage” to Zapier/Integromat. This is a major problem for me.