Add rows to multiple tables for each date in a range

I have a trip planning document which uses a Form view of a table to capture some basic details of the trip (see the Data Setup page in Copy of Trip Planning Template) including the departure date and the overall duration (in days).

I would like to automatically add a row for each day of the trip to other tables in the document (e.g. the [Distance, Time, and Calories] table on the Route Planning page and the [Daily Meal Details] table on the Meal Planning page) once the form has been completed. The start date, of course, is given. The end date is easy to calculate based on the form input. I would like to get each of the dates in between and automatically create rows for them.


Found a solution from a combination of places.

First, some helpful guidance on getting dates in a range:

Second, some help advice on simulating a For loop:

Then I just added an Automation Rule to the document which runs every time the form is completed:
Sequence([Trip Info].[Departure date], [Trip Info].[Return date]).FormulaMap(AddRow([Distance, Time, and Calorie Estimates], [Distance, Time, and Calorie Estimates].Date, ToDate(CurrentValue)).List())