Add Sequential view for table

Hi, due to my personal way of using coda, I find myself very often using tables to show sequential processes or a progress starting from left to right.
So I think it would be great if there’s a view that can accommodate that, and render the table into sequential table with arrows or something stylish (even better if there’s multiple style options), that somehow suggest a sequential order from one column to the next.

People can then can hide columns that are unnecessary to be shown, filter unnecessary data, and just present the flow of a progress or a process in compact and beautiful view easily.
This particularly useful when people want to show that the next column’s value is derived from previous one, and that the whole flow requires dependency.
Sequential view also useful to encourage collaborators to fill the value of the next column when used in collaborative scenarios.

*It would be even lovelier if there’s an option to render the table into vertical sequences