Add shortcut to a doc in page list


I have a suggestion for a feature that would allow to better organize docs and their contents.
The idea is to allow creating a shortcut to a doc just like we can create shortcuts to a page. A use case for this could be to have a “bookmarks” or “index” doc with some of its pages being shortcuts to other docs.
I use Coda for pretty much everything in my life but even though I try to keep my docs organized, some can get fuzzy because of this missing feature.

I don’t believe that it is possible as of now, hence the suggestion, but I’d love to be proved wrong one day!

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Just copy the URL of the Doc from the task bar, and paste it into your table of Docs. Doing it this way, enables you to link directly into any place of the destination doc as well.

I don’t have a table of docs to copy that link into.
The idea here would be to directly copy the link (or rather reference the other doc) into the page list rather than relying on some page’s table.

You can drop the URL anywhere on the doc as well.