Disguise pages/subpages as hyperlinks

Ability to create a page or subpage on a doc that is a direct hyperlink to another doc. Currently, I have to create a page/subpage and paste the link in that page.


Hi Noah, thanks for the suggestion. So that I understand you, are you asking to have the subpage in a doc point to an entirely different doc or are you trying to point it to another subpage within the same doc?

We did release Launched: Copy an anchor link earlier this year.


I’m basically looking for a subpage to just be linked to an entirely different doc. Upon clicking the subpage, I’d expect to be taken to that doc.


Hey Noah, thanks for clarifying. I don’t believe we have this feature quite yet.

However, I would like surface that if you’d need cross-doc functionality, there is an upcoming pack that may suit your needs. One of our Community Champions, @Paul_Danyliuk has built this. The thread to read more is here: