Launched: Copy an anchor link

Gone are the days of sending someone a doc link and then “no, scroll down”-ing your way to where you need them to be. Now you can gather your entire team in the exact right spot on a page with just a few clicks. All you need to do is drop an anchor.

Here’s how it works.

To generate an anchor link for a specific section of content on a page, click the vertical “…” menu next to the block and select Copy link.

Anchors aweigh!


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to test it out.
Can we integrate links in button? Let’s say we want to bring people to a certain place after running actions from a button?


If the table is far down on the page, does it actually go to the scrolled location?

Yes - it’s a sustained deep link into the document. And even of the location moves because of content changes, the link continues to work.

Thank you Codans! Immutable deep linking is a very real business requirement.


Absolutely! Works as expected.

Thank you Codans! … for buttons that allow links to _self (if ya know what I mean)!

This is great, I’ll use it to bookmark elements/sections that I frequently use.

Are anchor links working for you all? They were working earlier, now I click a link and nothing happens. Looks like the link reverts to linking to the page not the section.

hi @Anna_Kelian1 , I used it today (TimeZone Brussels) and it worked fine. Actually I like this update quite a bit. I often put delete row buttons below a table to avoid human errors and with this option I link to such a button, which gives me some more time to reflect before I hit the button.

It works fine for me, even on different docs. Just tested.

Don’t work for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
What am i doing wrong ?

Salut @Julien_BOIDROU

I guess you refreshed your page already and if that does not solve the issue, contact support a bit later in the day. You seem to do everything right so far :wink:

Cheers, Christiaan

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You’re right, as of today it doesn’t work for me either. The target page doesn’t jump to the correct position.

UPDATE: When the label of the link is renamed, the anchor part of the link is omitted (”#…”) so it only points to the page where the anchor is located, but not to the anchor itself.

Also, I don’t like that irritating popup that becomes visible when you hover your mouse over the link.
It is unattractive and unnecessary, since you can edit the link via the context menu.

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Hi Michael, I’m an engineer here at Coda, and can confirm that this is the issue. I’ve identified a fix, and it should go live tomorrow afternoon. Note that the fix will not retroactively change any existing links, so you’ll want to re-copy any deep links that aren’t working as expected once the fix goes live. Thanks everyone for the bug report!

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Hi Paul, thank you very much for addressing this issue so quickly!

Do you think there is a chance to get rid of this annoying popup that appears when you hover over the link?
You just want to click on a link to get to the link destination without having to see a popup that doesn’t even has a useful function (editing can be activated from the context menu).

The purpose of the pop up is to tell you where the link is going and give you a preview (especially helpful when the link text doesn’t directly say what the link is). I’ll definitely pass along the feedback, though!

I understand, but for internal links the popup wouldn’t need to be so huge - it just shows the default icon, which has no information value. Maybe you could make the popup delay a bit longer and the popup a bit smaller (only page title and pencil icon).

Okay, I see what you’re saying. Makes sense, I’ll add that context to the feedback.

The anchor’s problem is always here :confused::sob: is it general or just for me ?

Currently the issue still exists (wrong position of the anchor when the link is clicked, wrong URL when the view of the link is changed from URL to Card).

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It seems like anchors are not available on canvas pages. Since Canvas pages can hold a lot of tables, paragraphs and other objects, anchors would be nice, even if they only work within the canvas page itself.

And an outline option would not hurt my feelings either… :sweat_smile:

Greetings, Joost

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