Adding actions to checkboxes

Is it possible to add an action to a check-box?
Say for example I have a list of check-boxes like this:
/checkbox Inception Report
/checkbox Quarterly Report
/checkbox Semi-annual Report
/checkbox Annual Report
/checkbox Final Report

I’d like to have a form open or the possibility to add rows in a table asking for the due dates. If the user checks the ‘Quarterly Report’ checkbox, he will be asked to enter the due dates for the next Quarterly Reports.

If it was possible to attach an action to a checkbox, that would be awesome. I tried with formulas but couldn’t actually figure out how to pass the state of the checkbox (=True) in the formula.

Any tips or workarounds truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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:wave: Hey there!! Welcome to the community

Theres a TON of brilliant people on here ready and willing to provide assistance but we all are much quicker and more able to help when you can share:

  • A link to your document
  • Embed or share the link here within the community itself

Coda is such a flexible platform that depending on your exact use case and how you’ve set your doc up there are usually multiple ways in which you can accomplish your goal - therefore its super helpful when you can share your doc, or at least screenshots that provide more context



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