Adding tags to highlighted text

The ability to highlight text and add a tag to it so you can aggregate or search on highlighted text by tag.

Use Cases:

  • Annotating meeting notes to allow for better searchability
  • Tagging user research interview notes so you can better group learnings into bucketed insights (by tag)

Requirements and potential Solutions:

  • There is existing formatting ability in Coda to highlight text different colors. The functionality would show up after you highlight the text, a tag popup will show up for you to tag that particular text.
  • The text commenting feature is an adjacent/similar feature – you can select a portion of text in order to add a comment for it. Once you add a comment, that text is underlined and a comment icon is displayed to right side of the screen. Imagine that if you add a tag, the tags could show up to the right of the screen
  • Ability to search for tagged content, showing the tag(s) and the accompanying tagged content

Example use case with Dovetail user research product (even a simplified flat tag structure is good enough):


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