Advanced content filtering features in Coda pages?

My team has started to use Coda as a knowledge-base of sorts, and now we’re looking to level-up our pages with some more advanced features.

I manage a lot of tools and software for our internal Creative team, and we are looking to try and create a sort of “shopping” experience for tools, software, plugins, etc. I really like Coda’s 'Packs’ gallery on your website where you can filter packs or cards based on the categories they’re assigned.

Also, I think the little filters they have on each individual Pack’s page, (e.g. Google Calendar pack page) that update the page’s content is really handy too.

This is exactly the kind of thing we’re looking to build and we want to explore if this is possible in our own Coda pages? Does anyone know if there’s a way we can build something similar?

Thank you!

Hey there! Welcome to the Coda community. Are these the types of filters you are looking to implement? And are you hoping to implement them to filter TABLES within your documents?

And these types of filters?

Because if so the answer is YES! You can implement filters just like this on your tables. Just want to confirm this is what you are looking for first

Hi Scott! Yes those filters that change the tiles of content (Recommended Packs) in your screenshot is what I’m after. The live filtering is great. I would do something similar like the Price or license type filters in your example, as well as have categories for the types of software, or filters for type of user (e.g. Project Manager, Designer, Photo Editor, etc.).

And then these filters found in the individual pack pages, that filter the body content. These filters on a page would be useful to have so users could click on only the relevant sections or content/documentation that applies to them.

I don’t want to create a basic table. But maybe I need to learn filters in tables first? If there’s a starter template I could see, I might be able to desconstruct it and build from there.

How new are you to Coda? How lengthy should my description be?

Pretty new. If this is a more advanced request I can probably process it and understand :slight_smile: I don’t do well with code but it’s manageable for me.

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