After each form submission, automatically send an email with a copy of the filled-out form information to the person that filled out the form

How do I send a copy of an already completed form via email? I am trying to set it up so when someone completes their form, a copy of their form is sent automatically to a group of emails, so they can see it and add/change the form if needed.

Hi @Jordan_Badgley and welcome to the community!

Your project is not done with one click. For the confirmation-email, you have to use an automation that gets triggered when a row has changes and a combination of a button and the Gmail-pack to do the action (send the email to the person who has submitted the form). Changing the form after submitting is hard to achieve - you probably have to use another pack… maybe somebody else has an idea on how to do that…

Hope that helps you a bit.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


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