AI at Work Challenge: Congratulations to the Winners!

From June 13 to July 17, over 1,000 participants signed up for the AI at Work Challenge, creating more than 150 templates that fit within one of the following categories: research & analysis, product development, marketing & selling, business operations, and personal productivity.

Each submission also has a story: the inspiration behind the idea, and the impact the template has on their work. All of the entries were creative and impressive—leaving the judges with some very difficult decisions.

Congratulations to all the winners listed below, and a round of applause to everyone who entered.

Biggest Splash bonus prizes:

We encourage you to explore all the entries in the Coda Gallery, and to continue sharing your stories of how you use Coda AI in your work.


Hey @Katy_Turner,

First, thanks for organizing the hackathon. Woo-hoo!

Second, I was wondering if you’d share the recording of the live stream. I missed the ending: was replying to some rogue members who started giving me trouble, saw my CodaTricks tee and said I was working for Coda and hence won etc. I’d like to rewatch what I missed.

Hi @Paul_Danyliuk I’ll message you directly, congrats again on your big win!

I’d like to see the recording of the live stream as well.

Hello Katy,

I still haven’t received the email with the livestream. :frowning:

Hi @Mike_Ray and @Harry_Roper send me a note at and we will get this sorted out!

Thanks for the link. There were many interesting insights about AI from the panel of judges.

One of the judges mentioned a doc that I’m very interested in learning more about but I can’t find it listed anywhere.

The doc is Daria’s CodaAI TurboInsights. Is it possible to get a link to the doc?

I’d contact Daria directly but there are several Daria in the community and I don’t know which one created the doc since I can’t find it posted anywhere.

Hi Mike, I believe the maker decided to unpublish the doc. We’ll let you know if we learn more!

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