AI at Work Challenge: Winners Announced Today

Hi everyone,

Today is the day! At 2pm PT, we are hosting a livestream announcing the winners of the AI at Work Challenge. We’ll get to hear from our judges on their top docs, and their thoughts on AI in the workplace. Sign up here.

Judges include:

  • Ben Relles: Founder at Good to Vote, former Head of Innovation at YouTube Originals.
  • Casey Winters: Former Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite and Partner at Reforge.
  • Reid Hoffman: Partner at Greylock, Co-founder and Board Member at Inflection AI, and Former Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Linkedin.
  • Shreyas Doshi: Former Product Leader at Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.
  • Tamar Yehoshua: Venture Partner at IVP and former Chief Product Officer at Slack.
  • Mamoon Hamid: Partner at Kleiner Perkins, and former Co-Founder and General Partner at Social Capital.

See you there!


I consider myself a pretty good Coda Maker, but this hackathon taught me a lot about some of the key concepts of Coda’s no-code platform despite it being about AI. It opened my eyes about crafting useful AI solutions – they tend to be mostly about everything except AI. :wink:

It was a great experience that forces Makers to consider many aspects of building solutions that can be easily understood and implemented in practice.

Thanks to the judges and all the Codans who made this event possible!


Congrats on the win Bill!

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That is the point. In Coda, AI is but an assistant. It is meant to augment the existing workflow, not take the spotlight all for itself.

Congrats on the splash win and on the amount of praises you’ve heard from the judges! This indeed made and will make the biggest splash — teaching people, myself included, how we should talk to GAI so that it can actually be helpful. :raised_hands:

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And it should remain that way. Your submission exemplified this and provided another of the many perfect use cases for a tool that can be overanxious to please us. Great job!

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Hello ,
Are the winners announced, could not join livestream. May we have updates on Devpost please.

Hey Katy,

Is there anywhere to watch the livestream?

Hi Harry, yes! We’ll be sending out the recording on Monday to anyone who missed it.

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