Airtable Interface-like function?

I would like to have a “field chooser” sort of box, where I can set it to allow a selection from a given field in a table (like “Client Name” would display a dropdown of all clients), then whatever name I select, the “canvas/page” can display content from the corresponding table row, but in a “page/canvas” format where I drag boxes around to format the page with the information I want where I want it, sized accordingly, etc.

Sort of like this (not sure if this is visible):

If anyone knows how to do this, thanks for any pointers.

@Doug_Grauel are you familiar at all with page controls? I have a few pages set up in my doc to display certain information in a very clear, organized format that is set up very similar to an Airtable Interface, using various controls along with filtered tables based on the controls that I have selected. It’s a very powerful feature once you figure out how it works. In most cases though, spending some time to design a table’s row layouts is sufficient enough.

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