Coda considering interface?

Is CODA considering an interface like the one just launched by airtable?

Hi @Luis_Matos :blush:

I had to check what was an Airtable Interface (:sweat_smile:), but I think you could build similar displays with the upcoming Canvas Layout feature (actually in Beta) which will allow you to put (any) content side-by-side on the canvas :blush:.

Edit: If you’re curious about Canvas Layout (which is just a part of Coda future New Editor :sparkles:), you can check the replay from the very last Block Party, where it was announced :point_right: here :blush:

Is it possible to have access to the Canvas Layout Beta?

Hi @Luis_Matos :blush: !

Well, joining the beta would be useless at this point apparently :innocent: : The feature should be launched soon :partying_face: !

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