Announcement: New editor extended beta

Hi makers!

Thank you to those of you that joined the new editor beta and gave us such valuable feedback. We are still working to ensure our new editor will provide the best experience for our customers and for this reason, we are extending our beta! Before registering please note:

  • This beta includes access to page layout and canvas column; after careful consideration we decided to change the name of page layout, originally canvas layout, to align more with the feature functionality.
  • If you opt-in to the beta, you will not have access to templates until we launch both page layout and canvas column in early 2022.
  • To submit a doc for the beta, you need to be the doc owner. If a doc contains engineering errors or is submitted by a maker who is not the owner, it will not be approved for the beta.
  • When providing your email, double-check you provide the email you use to login to Coda. Registrations will not work for email addresses not registered with Coda.
  • Registrations for this beta will close on December 16 (updated to reflect holiday schedule*).

Please use this form to register for the beta. We look forward to connecting with everyone who joins the extended beta!


Thanks Nicole!

Typo -


Thank you for catching that! This has been updated.

Is there any documentation we can review showing how these features work before opting in?

Thanks Nicole!

Just filled out the form and the field where it allows me to submit a link to update to new editor I entered two links separated by a comma.

Will they both be updated to the new editor?

Oh also! Will all the docs we’ve created in this time while on the first phase of the beta still have the new editor?

They won’t magically shift back to having no columns will they?


Scott Weir

thaaaaank you Nicole :slight_smile:

Existing docs with access to the new Editor features will retain access. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome @lars_hofstetter_10TIMES_io excited for you to join!

@Scott_Weir1 if they are approved, yes! We need the engineering team to make sure there are no errors in the docs first that would cause them to break. If they are approved you should see the new features in the docs in the next few business days.

@Nick_Short yes you can use this guide to learn more!

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Can you also confirm the extent the template ban applies?

Is just to the single doc I enable for the beta, all docs in a folder, all docs in workspace, etc.?

I’d like to create test doc for this beta–but want to avoid affecting other workflows.

Whats the turn around time for getting into the beta for this? I’ve been waiting on this feature! Submitted a request but havent seen any notifications on it.

@nate_hurst Did you register using the form? As long as you registered using the form, it will take a few days to see the new features in new docs or the docs you submitted (if they are approved for the beta).

We will send you an email when its turned on! Thank you for your patience!

@Nick_Short it will only be turned on for new docs you create and the docs your submit to have it turned on for (if they are approved for the beta). You will not have access to templates in any new or existing docs that are included in your beta. It will not affect other existing docs in your workspace.

I did use the form. Ill hang tight for the email. Really looking forward to this feature

I am using the beta version of the new editor with two docs with different versions. One doc for which the beta editor was assigned to me by the Coda team on my request, and one doc that I newly created. The newly created doc has a newer version number than the other doc to which the beta editor was first assigned.

It seems that docs running the beta editor are not automatically updated to the latest (beta) version when a new (beta) version is released, and I don’t see any way to trigger this manually.

Now arises a not unimportant question, how will docs currently running the beta editor behave when the final version is released? Will they then become unusable, will they stay in the same version forever or will they update automatically?
I have not found any information so far that docs running the beta editor would not be suitable for production use. At this time however, it sure looks like it. Codans, please for info on this!

UPDATE 2021-12-20:
Yesterday I received a reply from Nicole from Coda where she says:
“We will be enabling the new editor for all existing docs…” [when the new editor is released]. So this is good news.

Hi Nicole, could you include us too in the beta. The current link is not working anymore.

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Hello, I would appreciate to see the beta, to test and validate for my next creations.
Is it possible that you could include me in the group of beta testers?
Thank you very much!

Hi, I registered to have access to the extension to page layout and canvas column. Have you activated it?
Thanks for your attention