"all" as value for multi-select control?

When I select multiple values in a multi-select control, I used to see the name of the first choice plus a number that showed how many other choices I selected, even if all the choices were selected.

Have multi-select controls always said “all” when all choices were selected? If not, is this a recent change?



I wish there were a way for the doc maker to choose whether or not the control displayed "all’ versus the behavior for multiple choices that are not all.

In this particular set of screen shots, I want the user to be able to pick from a subset of possible stages. So having the control display “all” is a little misleading, because the user has picked “all” of the choices for the control, but not “all” of the possible stages.

Hey there! Canvas controls will list the first option plus a number if all available options in the select list are not selected. But it will display All if all available selections are selected, as seen here in your image, despite the options not reflecting all of the options available in your stages.

We’ve gone ahead and filed this feedback on your behalf as a feature request to be able to choose how “all selected” is displayed in this case. Should this be built out, our team will reach out to let you know!

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