Allow DOT Operator to work on Objects returned by ParseJSON() and Object()

we can build a Coda Object from JSON using the ParseJSON() function.

and we can build a Coda Object using a combination of Object() and List() functions.

but the resulting object should be able to be de-referenced with the dot operator.

so, for example
ParseJson('{"Title": "Lord of the Rings", "Author": "J R R Tolkienn" }').Title
should return “Lord of the Rings”

and, similarly;
Object("Title", "Lord of the Rings", "Author", "J R R Tolkienn").Title
should return “Lord of the Rings”

i consider this to be a bug. the use of the dot operator in Coda formulas is one of the key features that sets the language apart from all competing products

(as far as i can surmise, only Packs which return an Object with a Schema can support the dot operator for de-referencing)



This would be more than welcome and even necessary to make the usage of web hooks easier for most makers including myself. Last weekend I went through a lot of documentation on JSON to finally conclude that Coda in the doc itself does not yet allow for working with the dot operator as @Xyzor_Max explains so well.

The logic we have to apply today includes quite some manipulation of an unexpected type that even includes a Slice() to get rid of a curly bracket at the start of the list.

The work around you find here:

Merci Coda for feedback on the matter, Cheers, Christiaan

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No need to, just learn JSONPath. Some time ago it wasn’t supported but it’s been around for half of the year already or so.