An example of a highly evolved doc without formulas

For all the non-coders and Coda beginners:

You do not have to write code, not even a little bit of code, to create a valuable tool in Coda.

I am in the process of creating a document that can be used in the implementation of SAP to assist in the gathering of user requirements, master data information, the resulting configuration settings to be made and the documentation of all of the aforementioned. The document will also manage and record the meetings and resulting action items involved in the whole process.


I have just used lookups between tables, and two packs. The two packs are the Gmail pack, and the Doc Explorer pack created by @Scott_Collier-Weir.

Here is a video explaining the doc:
(25 minutes - listen at double speed!)
I tried to keep the explanation as short as possible. But there is a LOT happening in the doc, and even a very high level overview is going to take some time.
Which just goes to show the powerful no-code tool which is Coda.

And the current iteration of the implementation document is here:

Rambling Pete


HI @Xyzor_Max

We talked about a month ago about on-ramp docs that uses little or no formulas/ code in the process. The above doc is a big document already, but with no formulas. (At least not that I can remember… :wink: )

But while it is now simple, it took me a couple of tries to get it to where a complex process could be made simple.


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Thank you for sharing. I am traveling the next 10 days, but looking forward to dive into your doc.

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I’m impressed with what you’ve done here and appreciate the underlying point you’re making. I keep feeling like in order to make my doc complete, I need to have complex formulas (which I struggle to make). Thanks for showing us what is possible without coding.

Hi Wess,


Yes, it is absolutely not necessary to go crazy with the formulas, packs etc.

They will come with time as and when they are needed… As Coda says, everything evolves… :wink:


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