Complex no-code doc

Earlier in the week, I shared a doc that I am busy working on in the “Start Here” forum, to show newbies that it is possible to do really useful things in Coda without any code.

(Formulas, functions and packs just allows you, when you are ready to do EVEN USEFUL things.)

But it certainly is not only useful for newcomers, so here is a link in the Tips and Hacks forum as well. I am certain that it would be very simple to apply the concepts to any type of activity where brainstorming meetings are held, the information is recorded, and a product or piece of software is designed.

Rambling Pete.

PS, Since the original post, I have added some buttons with (simple) formulas to allow the creation of a project hierarchy in the Action Item List table. So, the formulas are creeping in… :wink:


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