Announcing: Coda's Referral Program

Today, we’re excited to announce a program to give back to all the awesome folks who advocate for Coda every day. Now, when you refer a friend to Coda, both you and your friend get Coda credit.
Coda Blog: Introducing the Coda Referral Program

Coda’s Referral Program

When a friend signs up with your link, they get a $10 credit…and you do too! Any earned credits will be automatically deducted from your next bill. Start posting your link today!

Find your URL here:

We want to kick things off with a big splash, so from now til December 15th, 2019, you earn double the credit: $20 /referral!



Is this for people who literally just sign up with credit card details? Or do they need to make a purchase?


Any friends you refer just need to sign up for, and use, Coda. They don’t have to make a purchase.

We look at a few signals to spot blatant abuse, but the spirit is just for people to sign up and start using Coda. People of all skill levels use Coda everyday and in many different use-cases. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to give it a try.


Hi, for some reason I stopped receiving money for recommending Coda to my friends. Has anything changed regarding to Coda’s referral program?

Hi @Przemek_Sawicki, thanks for referring Coda to your friends! We haven’t made any change since and still keep seeing a lot of new referrals in general from other users. Could you reach out to us via support (mention my name) and let us know the email addresses of the friends you referred (that didn’t credit you) so we can take a look?

As a reminder, only people who haven’t ever signed into Coda before are eligible for referrals. There may also be a delay as our system verifies that the referrals are legitimate.

Hi I’m having the same issue… How do we see if we got the credit?.. My friend sign up with my link and when he went to sign in, he used gmail. Than it went to a white page with text saying “not found.”… When he open another browser to coda it login him in. But nither of us can see credit or have been notify.

Hi @Amanda,

Would you mind sending a message to our support channel like Oleg mentioned? You can start a ticket by clicking on the “?” at the bottom right of your screen when you’re in any Coda doc.

We’ll look into this for you!


Just a heads up, our $20 credit promotion is coming to an end on Sunday night. Don’t miss out on double credit - be sure to refer any friends you haven’t yet told about Coda this weekend!