10% referral link recognized but not working (no 10% when signup)

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to set a $10 coda referral program but without any success. I can post only one image in the forum so here it is :slight_smile:

According to what I see in Figure (1) a user who signup through the referral link should add a reward of $10 credit.

Nevertheles, when users register, referrals are created properly but there is no reward. (Figure 2).
As we can see a user in the list of referrals, with the status “Signed Up” so I would expect a credit of $10. I don’t think that this is a timing issue since this was yesterday.

Figure 4 shows the link I’ve created. As you can see I added the signupin the URL. I don’t think that this is the problem since the signup of the user above has been recorded properly.

I’m wondering if the problem does not come from Figure 4. There is only one “reward offer” : “Earn 20% …”. Is the “Earn $10” reward offer missing from this list ? I don’t know how to configure this. I guess that this information about coda offer came with the first link when I created the PartnerStack link.

Who should I contact for this issue ?

Thanks for you for any kind of help !

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Hi Jean-Marie,

Hector here, from the partnerships team. Thanks for reaching out and sending the screenshots!

You should be able to see your Coda credits if you go to Workspace Settings → Billing (See image)

Your cash earned (once someone who signed up through your doc or link pays for Coda) will be shown directly in your Partnerstack dashboard.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Hi @Hector_Reyes1
Thanks for your kind answer. Actually the problem is exactly this : in the interface you are mentioning there is no “validated” referrals. You can see this in the previous image (figure 2). I’ve just made a new copy below: 2 referrals according to Partnerstack dashbord, but $0 according to coda.

^ wrong image. The image above shows the coda side. I’ve two workspace. The other workspace is just like this one. Everything is just like the partnerstack program was not existing.

==> Question. BTW how can we select the workspace on which to credit should go ?

The image below shows partnerstack dashboard : 2 referrals according to partnerstack $0 according to coda.

Many thanks for your help !

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Thanks for sharing! I’ll reply on a DM to get more info and dig into this.

You can change the workspace that gets the credits in coda.io/account:

Just for the record, it seems that the link from PartnerStack to Coda is ok, but that on the other way around Coda ignore ParnerStack. See below :slight_smile:

BTW is it possible to invite someone to a workspace and use this as a referral link ? The default link just goes to coda.io but people don’t know what to do then. I want them to just a given workspace.

Thanks you very much for all your time.

Hi Hector,
Any news with respect to the bug 10% referral link recognized but not working (no 10% when signup) - #6 by Hector_Reyes1 ?
Just to get an idea such a bug is usually within days, weeks, months or years ? I know that this is usually hard to predict but you may have an approximate idea.
Thanks for all kind of information.

Any news with respect with the bug ?
Is there a workaround ?

I have the same issue with similar loss percentage. I also escalated it to Hector. I started to use manual entry for large account leads not to loose them, but it will not help with online marketing campaigns.

I noticed also problems. I accompanied the signup process with some of my customers myself, i.e. I myself clicked on my referral links on my customers’ PCs. However, these customers did not show up on Partnerstack, nor did I receive a $10 credit in my Coda workspace. In the time before Partnerstack, this always worked. I find that quite frustrating. However, this worked for two customers, so I can assume that the connection and the entries in Partnerstack are set up correctly.
In the end it’s just a pity, you feel a bit powerless with the unreliable process.

Hey @Arbor_Advice ,

Hector here from he partnerships team. I understand it’s very frustrating not to see all of your referrals in Partnerstack/Coda, sorry about that! We took a deep dive into this in the last few weeks and as you mentioned, the connection is properly working and works most of the time. We found some edge cases were the signup was not properly recognized due to adblockers, cookies or browser extensions, but we suspect those are edge cases.

I’ll DM you and I’d be happy to take a look at your case in specific!

Thanks for your patience,

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