Launched: Earn money from new sign-ups with a new button

Previously, the easiest way for new makers to sign up for Coda was to copy a doc. But not every doc is made to be copied. Blog posts, portfolios, thought leadership—they’re all valuable content, and we want to give you credit when they bring in someone new.

The new “sign up for Coda” button makes it even simpler for the makers you attract to get started—and for you to reap the benefits after you register for the Coda affiliate program. You get $10 for each new sign-up and 20% of their first-year revenue, after all!

Sign up for Coda_Community Post_5.23.22

Simply insert the button as you would any other, with the / command or Insert Panel. Then let your work speak for itself.


Hello @Crystal_Li ,

It seems that your description is empty :frowning:



Fixed! Thanks Thierryvm!

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Is it possible to retroactively get referrals from people we have previously enrolled?

Wow what an amazing feature, Crystal! :partying_face:

@Demetrius_Bolduc after you register to become an affiliate all your referrals are tracked, but we don’t retroactively credit referrals, unless they came in through the old referral program. You can read more about the distinction in this help center article.

Can we also get referral credit for inviting new people as editors/viewers/commenters to a document?

Hi Amit! Welcome to the community! If those new people sign up to coda through the doc you would earn credit, and if they upgrade to a paid coda plan you would get 20% of fir-year revenue in cash as long as you’re signed up for the affiliate program. More details in the “ways to earn” section in this help article: Does Coda offer an affiliate program? | Coda Help Center

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Hi @Crystal_Li
How do I know if I am getting credit for people I add to the Coda doc as a guest?

I have added at least 16 people through my links.

However, I don’t know where I can see the credits in my account. I have discussed this with @JeremyOlson too.