Launched: Earn money from new sign-ups with a new button

Hey Daniel, sorry for the slow response here—I wanted to make sure we fully understood the situation.

Here’s the long and the short of it:

  • Everything I said in my previous post is a correct description of the current behavior.

  • While investigating this issue, we found a bug that was failing to give credit in one particular sign up path. We believe this caused the lack of credit that @Mario originally reported. We worked with him directly to award the credit he was missing.

  • When we launched the affiliate program, and made it easier to earn credit for signups, it looks like we did not do a good enough job of updating the in product and help center descriptions. Indeed, what you have screen-shotted is confusing and in one instance contradictory to what I said. Rest assured, you are still able to earn credit in the ways I described.

  • I am working with the team to a) update the in product and help center descriptions to make them a more helpful and accurate reflection of the true behavior, and b) investigating who may have missed credit because of the bug we discovered.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this admittedly complex behavior. If you believe you should have earned credit for a signup but did not, please reach out directly to our support.